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Domestic Violence In Same Gender Loving Relationships
Are you afraid of your partner? Does he try to control what you do or who you see? Has your partner ever hit you or thrown things at you? Ever threatened to out you? Find out what to do next.

Domestic Violence in Same-Gender Loving Relationships


gay-dar: the instinct that another brotha may be "down."

Did You Know:
Black men have the shortest life expectancy in the U.S.
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Additional Resources
How To Meet A Brotha On The Street
Step-by-Step instructions on how to meet another brotha on the street, in the mall, airport or where ever.

Qualifying a Brotha
Is the brotha you're dating or talking to up to par? Is he relationship material?

Same Gender Loving Dating Q/A
What is the ideal degree of physical chemistry you should have with someone you are dating? What age difference works best for same gender loving couples?
  Are You Really "Ready For Love" Like Arie? Develop Your Criteria FIRST!
Want a relationship? Have you distinguished between what you NEED and WANT in a relationship? There is a difference!


Romance 101  by
Learn the art of romance and step up your game brotha.

Other Romantic Ideas (For various occassions, etc.)


How To Flirt With A Brotha
Why didn't you flirt with that brotha that just passed you by? Find out how to make yourself approachable.

The Power of A Smile
Smiling is the easiest way to attract more people. To reveal the power of a smile, try smiling at 5 strangers each day for a week. Notice how much better the returned smiles make you feel. And who knows, you may even meet a new person in the process.

Broken Hearted
How To Catch A Cheating Brotha
Is that brotha cheating on you? Is he seeing someone else other than you? Find out here!

When to GHETTOUT of a Relationship
Are you unhappy in your current situation and not sure rather to keep trying or not?


How To Let Go
Proven guidelines for helping you regain a normal emotional state in the shortest period of time after a break up.

  How To End A Relationship Respectfully and With Class and Style

When The Brotha Has Left You - How To Cope!    
Suggest A Resource    



How To Love A Black Gay Man
This insightful 3 part series examines the struggles of black gay men and how to successfully love yourself and another black gay man.

Part 1 - Understanding Our History and Ourselves!
Part 2 - Who Nubian Men Really Are
Part 3 - Suggestions In Preparing For Mr. Right-for- You

Are You Giving To Much To Soon In A Relationship?
Are you feeling like the brotha you're dating is taking you for granted? Could you be losing yourself in the relationship?
  How Much to Give In a Relationship and When!
Don't suffocate a budding relationship or like an overwatered plant, it may die.

Rules For Fair Fighting In A Relationship
All couples fight. One major difference between happy couples that have been together for a long time and those that break up after a few months is that successful couples have learned how to "fight fair."

How to Balance Your Friends and Lovers
Do your friends tell you that you're no longer spending time with them since you've met that new brotha?

Hoping To Adopt?
An online adoption guide for hopeful adoptive parents starting the adoption process, providing introductory information on the basics of adoption and links to different sites where you can learn more about specific areas of adoption.

Domestic Violence
Does your friend or lover or ex-lover constantly criticize or humiliate you? Do they push, slap or hit you? Do they prevent you from seeing your friends or family? Do they prevent you from bettering yourself? Do they threat to out you to your friends or family? If any of these things apply to you, then you may be a victim of domestic violence.

Domestic Violence in Same-Gender Loving Relationships

Long Distance Romances
Is the brotha of your dreams hundreds of miles away? Did you find that perfect brotha at the last Pride event or online, yet he's hundreds of miles away? Thought about getting into a LDR? Find out the 3 kinds of LDR's you may find yourself in.

Surviving A Long Distance Relationship
Romantic Long Distance Relationship Ideas



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